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    Our maintenance and monitoring agreements are not under obligated contracts, just an agreement of service and payment. Is up to us to earn your business by providing quality service month to month for years to come. We refuse to tied you down by contract and penalties, we are here to earn your business not by forcing it. If at any point your not happy with our service, just give us 30 days notice, and our agreement will be terminated without penalties to you.

     If you require us to supply and install CCTV in your home or commercial premises, you are automatically eligible for CCTV maintenance coverage.We offer agreements payable monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If you have an existing CCTV system already installed we required a system assestment before we can agree to maintain and monitored your system. We have to ensure your system is properly installed before we become responsible for maintenance and monitoring. We'll be happy to setup an appt. for our project manager to walkthrough your facility and give you a free system status and assestment.