• Support Ultra 265/H.265/H.264 video formats
• Third-party IP cameras supported with ONVIF conformance: Profile S, Profile G,Profile T
• Up to 12 Megapixels resolution recording
• Support HDD hot swap with RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10,50,60 storage scheme configurable
• Up to 16 SATA HDDs, up to 10TB for each HDD
• Support cloud upgrade



• 2 - 12 Megapixel Options (1080P-4K)
• Up to 3840×2160 resolution 4K @ 20fps
• 2.8 Fixed to 30x Motorized Lens
• Smart IR & StarLight+
• 2D/3D DNR, ROI, 9:16 corridor mode, ONVIF
• Ultra 265,H.265,ONVIF
• DC12V,PoE.Wide voltage range of ±25%
• IP67



 • Multiple working modes to address your business needs:Normal, Secure and Surveillance
• Support port traffic control
• Support for secure mode, all downlink ports can communicate only with uplink ports
• Up to 250m transmission distance on surveillance mode
• Support buffer optimization


Screenshot 2019-08-24 18.13.08.png

HD CCTV is a new open standard for trait HD digital video over coaxial cable. HD CCTV doesn’t require changing the existing coaxial cable infrastructure and it is an only a matter of replacing the camera and a security camera recorder. Our Eclipse Hybrids DVRs support not only regular CVBS analog cameras but AHD, HDCVI and HDTVI and IP Based cameras.

CCTV power supply box, also known as a power distribution box, allows surveillance system installers to easily manage the power to multiple CCTV cameras at a central point (usually at the location of the DVR). This allows your camera installation to be neater. For example, instead of having 8 individual transformers plugged into a power strip/electric surge protector, all of your camera power wires can neatly be run to a 9 port power supply box.

SSM provides every type of cable thats needed for a professional security camera system installation. From Cat5/Cat6 to RG59 Siamese all of our cables are professional grade and easy to use for installation.